Dual Mass Flywheel

Dual mass flywheels (DMF's)what they are for and how they work

The dual mass flywheel is an aid to making the gear change on your car lighter and more positive while also making the engine and gearbox smoother and quieter. So how does it work, in order to make an engine smoother you need to increase the mass of the flywheel but as you do this the mass of the gear train effectively becomes less as a proportion of the total mass that is in motion and you will get noise, rattles and vibration from the gear train, in order to get round this you would traditionally have increased the mass of the gear train which in turn would mean that the syncro’s (the brake that matches the speed of the gears that are about to be engaged) also had to become stronger and there fore the gear change becomes heavier and more agricultural. To get round this you have to increase the mass of the gear train without increasing the mass of the gears, this is done by splitting the flywheel into two separate masses (hence the name “dual mass flywheel”), one mass that is attached directly to the engine and one mass that is attached directly to the input shaft of the gearbox, these two halves are then separated from each other by a damper which stops the natural vibration of a large high capacity, high compression engine being transferred to the gearbox.


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